介绍:‘When the Emperor saw me he frowned, and said to me, “What is thy name? Knowest thou not that I am Emperor of this city?” But I made him no answer....



介绍:By the afternoon of the next day this heavy sea subsided; and we bore down on the waves, with all our canvas set; stun'-sails alow and aloft; and our best steersman at the helm; the captain himself at his elbow;—bowling along, with a fair, cheering breeze over the taffrail.

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"How, how?" still more bewildered, "do you, then, go about the world, gratis, seeking to invest people's money for them?"【阅读全文】
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At this time, Arheetoo had known me but two hours; and, as he made the proposition very coolly, I thought it rather presumptuous, and told him so. But as it was quite impossible to convey a hint, and there was a slight impropriety in the thing, I did not resent the insult, but simply declined.【阅读全文】
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It was a curious sight. Everyone knows that, so long as the occasion lasts, there is no stronger bond of sympathy and good feeling among men than getting tipsy together. And how earnestly, nay, movingly, a brace of worthies, thus employed, will endeavour to shed light upon, and elucidate their mystical ideas!【阅读全文】
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Also, when a Reference was going on, and the room full of lawyers andwitnesses and business was driving fast; some deeply occupied legalgentleman present, seeing Bartleby wholly unemployed, would request himto run round to his (the legal gentleman's) office and fetch some papersfor him. Thereupon, Bartleby would tranquilly decline, and yet remainidle as before. Then the lawyer would give a great stare, and turn tome. And what could I say? At last I was made aware that all throughthe circle of my professional acquaintance, a whisper of wonder wasrunning round, having reference to the strange creature I kept at myoffice. This worried me very much. And as the idea came upon me of hispossibly turning out a long-lived man, and keep occupying my chambers,and denying my authority; and perplexing my visitors; and scandalizingmy professional reputation; and casting a general gloom over thepremises; keeping soul and body together to the last upon his savings(for doubtless he spent but half a dime a day), and in the end perhapsoutlive me, and claim possession of my office by right of his perpetualoccupancy: as all these dark anticipations crowded upon me more andmore, and my friends continually intruded their relentless remarks uponthe apparition in my room; a great change was wrought in me. I resolvedto gather all my faculties together, and for ever rid me of thisintolerable incubus.【阅读全文】
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How then, it will be asked, in the face of an argus-eyed police, and in defiance even of bayonets and bullets, do men-of-war's-men contrive to smuggle their spirits? Not to enlarge upon minor stratagems—every few days detected, and rendered naught (such as rolling up, in a handkerchief, a long, slender "skin" of grog, like a sausage, and in that manner ascending to the deck out of a boat just from shore; or openly bringing on board cocoa-nuts and melons, procured from a knavish bum-boat filled with spirits, instead of milk or water)—we will only mention here two or three other modes, coming under my own observation.【阅读全文】
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"Sir, you will give the people pickles to-day with their fresh meat.【阅读全文】
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Captain Beechy says that, while at Tahiti, he saw scenes "which must have convinced the great sceptic of the thoroughly immoral condition of the people, and which would force him to conclude, as Turnbull did, many years previous, that their intercourse with the Europeans had tended to debase, rather than exalt their condition."【阅读全文】
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Ah! Ah! it was indeed too true; there was no St. Paul's or Westminster Abbey for me; that was flat.【阅读全文】
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Soon, we were all strung along the main-topsail-yard; the ship rearing and plunging under us, like a runaway steed; each man gripping his reef-point, and sideways leaning, dragging the sail over toward Jackson, whose business it was to confine the reef corner to the yard.【阅读全文】
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Notwithstanding the repairs, she was still in a miserable plight. The lower masts were said to be unsound; the standing rigging was much worn; and, in some places, even the bulwarks were quite rotten. Still, she was tolerably tight, and but little more than the ordinary pumping of a morning served to keep her free.【阅读全文】
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Not only was Frederic of that sort of temper, peculiar to military men, which would prompt him, in so closely personal and intensely private and family a matter, to scorn the hireling publicity of the law's lingering arm; and impel him, as by the furiousness of fire, to be his own righter and avenger; for, in him, it was perhaps quite as much the feeling of an outrageous family affront to himself, through Lucy, as her own presumed separate wrong, however black, which stung him to the quick: not only were these things so respecting Frederic; but concerning Glen, Pierre well knew, that be Glen heartless as he might, to do a deed of love, Glen was not heartless to do a deed of hate; that though, on that memorable night of his arrival in the city, Glen had heartlessly closed his door upon him, yet now Glen might heartfully burst Pierre's open, if by that he at all believed, that permanent success would crown the fray.【阅读全文】
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Magic of kind words, and kind deeds, and good tea! That night I went to bed thinking the world pretty tolerable, after all; and I could hardly believe that I had really acted that morning as I had, for I was naturally of an easy and forbearing disposition; though when such a disposition is temporarily roused, it is perhaps worse than a cannibal's.【阅读全文】
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Nor is it unworthy of remark that, while the noblest-minded and most heroic sea-officers—men of the topmost stature, including Lord Nelson himself—have regarded flogging in the Navy with the deepest concern, and not without weighty scruples touching its general necessity, still, one who has seen much of midshipmen can truly say that he has seen but few midshipmen who were not enthusiastic advocates and admirers of scourging. It would almost seem that they themselves, having so recently escaped the posterior discipline of the nursery and the infant school, are impatient to recover from those smarting reminiscences by mincing the backs of full-grown American freemen.【阅读全文】
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During my sojourn in Tahiti, a report was rife—which I knew to originate with what is generally called the "missionary party"—that Poofai and some other chiefs of note had actually agreed, for a stipulated bribe, to acquiesce in the appropriation of their country. But subsequent events have rebutted the calumny. Several of these very men have recently died in battle against the French.【阅读全文】
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But he answered not a word; like the last column of some ruined temple, he remained standing mute and solitary in the middle of the otherwise deserted room. [pg 079]【阅读全文】


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